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Assessment/treatment of 1 or 2 horses in the same yard: £60 plus travel

Assessment/treatment of 3 or more horses in the same yard: £55 plus travel

Assessment/treatment of 1 dog: £40

Manipulation under sedation: £80 per hour

Travel costs charged at 40p per mile round trip (as recommended by Running Costs 2006).

Any disputes will be settled by Autoroute or Sat Nav quickest route option.

Travel costs will be split between clients if more than one horse in a yard. The more horses in one yard, the less you will pay, so if you know your friend's horse is being treated, get together at the same yard and save yourself some money!

Please note that we have facilities for you to travel to Liz in Lingfield, Surrey - NO travel charges!

Those yards with a large number of horses owned/trained under one name may wish to book a timed appointment at £70 per hour plus travel. It is not cost effective for the owner if there are less than 4 horses as each treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.

Prices will be reviewed yearly in September.

Physiotherapy is NOT a cheap substitute for good veterinary attention. Any client who presents a clearly lame horse without prior veterinary consultation will be charged a minimum rate of £35 plus travel and will not be treated if the problem is deemed inappropriate for physiotherapy.

Please pay on the day, or discuss with my secretary how you wish to pay. Cheques to be made payable to E Hadland. If you are not going to be there, please leave monies, and a receipt will be left. If no payment or note is left, I would have to take the legal definition that you do not wish for me to examine your horse and another booking plus expenses would need to be made.

Obviously if you have any problems with regards to payment or attendance then please talk to us! Likewise if you are claiming through your insurance company then discuss your options with us - some companies pay promptly . . . others don't!

Please note that your vet must be contacted prior to physio treatment.

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